On-demand IT has reached a tipping point and organisations of all sizes and sectors are using cloud computing services to run and develop their businesses. But where does the cloud go next and what are some of the interesting use cases that will help take cloud to the next level?

SVAL's unique features are as follows::

  • Primary Instance Cloud server hosted in a Tier-4 Datacenter with world-class connectivity and security.
  • High Availability A synchronously replicated instance in the same Datacenter where Primary instance resides, to ensure High Availability of your application/workload.
  • Backup Data on the primary instance is backed up periodically, to ensure you can always restore it when needed. This 3rd Copy of data is put in a different Datacenter than the Primary and High Available (HA) instance.
  • Disaster Recovery 4th Copy of data is put in a different seismic zone which is at least 500KM away from the primary datacenter. This ensures you can always recover the systems in the event of any disaster/outages in the Primary DC, thus giving you a complete business continuity without any service disruption.